Friday, August 7, 2009

Preparing for the race....and other things

Tonight Richard and I will drive to Donner Lake (near Lake Tahoe), where we will compete in a 2.7 mile swim tomorrow morning at 8:30. Given the altitude, the cold water, and the distance, I'm hoping to complete the swim in just under 1.5 hours; Richard is hoping for about 1 hour 45 minutes. We will, of course, report back to you either on Saturday or Sunday, to let you know how we did!

How does one prepare for a swim like this? I think I've done all the work. I've been swimming consistently just about every day for years. Two plus miles daily is really nothing for me. Physically, I'm there - this is totally a mental thing. Which brings me to the preparation for my surgery, which will be in less than 2 weeks from today. Am I prepared? Physically, yes. The doctors all say that I am a "perfect surgical candidate" - how nice. I'm fit and healthy (except for the minor fact that I have cancer - a rare tumor on my pancreas). They say, I'm easy to "cut" into, because I don't have layers and layers of fat to cut through, and that I generally heal well. But still, I'm scared - similar to my fear of tomorrow's race. I suppose, the race tomorrow will be good practice for the surgery on the 20th.


  1. Susala, I am with you all the way. Keep on swimmin' my darling friend. We will talk before your surgery. I love you.

  2. We send you all our love and are thinking of you constantly,
    Your Israeli cousins,
    Danny, Amit and family

  3. you look beautiful! Delighted to hear that you are recovering so rapidly. Our thoughts are with you all the time but most powerfully with every stroke while we paddle across the pool.
    Lynn and Joe