Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pampering for Surgery!

Last week was a very busy one for me. So much to do before my life comes to a screeching halt for a while. This is not how I want to live, or what I'm used to. My days are usually full to the brim. Up at 5:45 A.M. to swim, followed by a million things. Swim Across America stuff, Berkeley High Development Group stuff, Wellness Coaching, meetings, coffee/lunch with friends, twice-a-week personal training and exercise class, sometimes a yoga class (when I can fit it in), grocery shopping, etc. etc. We all know what it is like. I generally pack so much into any given day that it's frightening. But now, I'm going to be forced to lie in bed, and have my physical activity reduced to taking small walks around a hospital corridor. I've been here before, and I absolutely hate it. I hate lying in bed, I hate being sick. It does not suit me well.

I'm trying to think about how nice it will be to be able to catch up on all the books I've been wanting to read. I just got a brand new MacBook Pro and iPod Touch, and I need to learn how to use them, I will have lots of visitors (which will be fun), but I am dreading the life that I will be forced to live for the next few weeks. (Notice how optimistic I am being, I'm thinking just a few weeks?) But, how does one prepare for surgery? Grooming, of course.

Last week - I had a facial, got my haircut and got a manicure and pedicure. I rarely pamper myself so - but it all needed to get done, and everyone knows you gotta look good when you are on the operating table, right? Here I am - getting pampered. That's my wonderful friend, Susan Meadows with me - she has been a life saver to me. Thank you Susan - I love you.


  1. Susan, I'm glad you are taking the time to pamper yourself. I'm enjoying your blog. You're honesty, courage and optimism come through and I find your words inspiring. My payers go to you, that Thursday's surgery is a complete success and that you make a quick recovery.
    Love Wilma

  2. Keep pampering yourself, and call me if you need help with the MacBook or the ipod. Free tech support comes with the kayak lessons ;-)

    Love, Ellen